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Our commitments for the planet!


1) eat healthy

We cook from locally sourced products as much as possible, from small producers when the choice allows.

With some exceptions, our recipes are made from seasonal fruits and vegetables.


Our (modest) vegetable garden is cultivated in permaculture, without any addition of chemicals!

Garden Time • MoneyTip$ • Iowa State Uni

Our green waste is used as compost, while the remains of meals will feed the chickens of the castle


During meals, we serve filtered tap water in a Brita® carafe to limit the plastic bottles consumption .


2) on a daily basis


We favor reusable packaging for our purchases when it is not possible to buy directly in bulk

The lighting of the commons has a timer: no unnecessary lighting

All our lights are low consumption

Our exterior ambient lighting is autonomous


We recycle 100% of our packaging

The packaging of the picnic baskets is either returnable or recyclable


We made the choice not to air-condition our rooms. In each of, fans are at your disposal ...


All our radiators have individual thermostats. Those in the bathrooms also have a "boost" function allowing you to occasionally increase the temperature during your shower, for more comfort.

The thermal (and phonic!) Insulation of our house has been particularly taken care of during the recent complete renovation.


A hot water circulator limits the waste of water left open while waiting for the right temperature to arrive ...

We do not use disposable doses: soaps, shampoos and shower gels are available in large refillable containers in all our bathrooms.


All our toilets are equipped with dual-flow flushing

We use an ecolabel certified detergent, packaged in a flexible refill to limit the weight of plastic

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